Our Mission

The Black Trade is the only online marketplace with a real time Community Fund for Black people. The store was founded by The Best Clean Rapper On YouTube, Mr Anthony T Brown.  Mr Brown’s vision is growing the business to the point it is capable of financing a better tomorrow for people of color, especially the children.  For every purchase made through our platform a contribution goes directly into the Community Fund. So not only do we offer a growing selection of great products but consumers can take pride in the fact they are empowering the Black community every time they shop with us. What will the Community Fund be used for?

Boarding Schools

Top notch learning facilities and staff dedicated to giving black children the specialized attention they need to thrive. Schools to be strategically placed in those areas we identify black children being subjected to the most crime and violence.*First milestone: Once Community Fund reaches $1,000,000 we will purchase a test school based on criteria outlined above. After test school is fully operational we will repeat these steps in different black communities across the country based on need.

Resource Centers

Training facilities black men and women learn skilled trades, having access to job placement programs and mental health professionals. All free of charge. Resource centers to be strategically placed in those areas we identify as having lowest black median income.

Business Loans

Providing funding for black entrepreneurs to help get their businesses off the ground.  Two of our primary objectives are creating jobs and strengthening the community’s economy.


Financial aid or tuition reimbursement for black students pursuing college degrees.  Knowledge is power.

Black Lottery

Cash gifts awarded to everyday black men and women to help pay off crippling debt and support black families.  Make giving contagious again.


In addition to being able to reach these milestones, the store hopes to inspire and create a sense of togetherness that future generations can build on.  As a people we have come a long way but still have a long way to go.  Please support.

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